1. First steps ...

  1. I am new at locr. What can I do?
  2. How can I sign up at locr?
  3. I just want to browse and look at photos. Do I have to sign up at locr?
  4. How much does it cost to sign up at locr?
  5. How much does the locr software cost?
  6. I´d like to see or change my user data. Is it possible?
  7. Can I change my password?
  8. I´d like to log in, but it does not work.
  9. What kind of photos can I upload?
  10. Uploading photos and what next?
  1. Hints on geotagging ...

  1. How can I geotag my photos?
  2. What´s the difference between geotagging on the locr website and with the locr GPS Photo software?
  3. How can I geotag my photos on the locr website?
  4. Zoom in, zoom out, move map - which is the easiest way?
  5. My photo is already geotagged. Can this information be used?
  6. Can I geotag more than one photo at once?
  7. Geotagging and uploading several photos all at once - another solution.
  8. I know the coordinates of a photo, can I enter them manually?
  1. All around photos ...

  1. How can I view a photo in different sizes?
  2. Can I also open and view photos in Google Earth?
  3. I´d like to edit a photo. How can I do that?
  4. How can I delete a photo?
  5. How can I change the status of my photos?
  6. Who can view which photos?
  7. Can I rotate a photo?
  8. I´d like to change the title of a photo. What can I do?
  9. How can I rate a photo?
  10. How can I report photos/comments with questionable content?
  1. Albums, friends and more ...

  1. How can I add friends and family members?
  2. What are the "Settings" for on "My page"?
  3. What is an album and how can I create an album?
  4. I´d like to add photos to my album or delete photos from my album.
  5. What else you should know about the features of albums.
  1. All about locr GPS Photo ...

  1. What is a datalog GPS receiver and how does it work?
  2. Which GPS datalogger can I use for automatic geotagging anyway?
  3. What is important in GBSBabel to save a gpx file in nmea format for locr GPS Photo?
  4. How can I geotag my photos with the locr GPS Photo software?
  5. The automatic geotagging does not really work with my photos.
  6. How can I geotag my photos with the locr GPS Photo software automatically?
  7. Are there further settings in the locr GPS Photo software?
  8. How can I geotag photos with the locr GPS Photo for Symbian software?
  1. I have a question ...

  1. What does "Geotagging" actually mean?
  2. Can I upload several photos at once?
  3. I uploaded a photo, but I can´t see it.
  4. I uploaded a photo, but it´s defective somehow.
  5. Some address cannot be found. What can I do?
  6. Is meta data in the header read during upload?
  7. How does the view of locr photos work in Google Earth?
  8. I cannot install the current version of the locr GPS Photo software.
  9. How do I know what´s new with locr?
  10. How can I contact locr?
  11. Where can I ask questions and how can I submit proposals?